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10th January 2012

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Cassius - Hi Water

There is something about this song.  I cannot put my finger on it, or ear for that matter.  It really makes me want to take a nice long drive with the stars above my head, windows down, sunroof open, and this little gem blaring on the speakers. 

Enjoy everyone!

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31st December 2011

Audio post

So I have been making songs and DJ’ing off and on as of a few years ago.  I usually do mashups, or mix things together.  But for the new year I decided to go out with a bang!  Here is a very rough version of a new song I am working on.  It is pretty chill, and what I envision as the perfect road trip song.

Enjoy Tumblr

The Calm!

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22nd December 2011

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Trafficjam Soundtrack

I was just in a huge traffic jam.  Contrary to public belief it was actually enjoyable.  It gave me some time to listen to some great tracks which I will share with you now.  I do not remember the order, but I can recall most of the songs!

The Clash - Rock the Cashbah

the Tallest Man on Earth - Gardner

Semisonic - Closing Time

Duncan Sheik - Barely Breathing

The Police - Next to You, So Lonely, Walking on the Moon (yes I got into a little Police Vibe)

Tokyo Police Club - Favourite Colour, Wait Up

This is for the most part what I listened too.  And I must have looked like a fool because I can assure I was singing these songs like I was the lead singer singing at some huge venue.  But hey! It was fun.

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19th December 2011


Making music tonight.

Friend on Guitar, Myself on the Keys.  Shit is about to get raw.

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2nd December 2011

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The National - Brainy

So I am absolutely addicted to this song, this band, and the vibe that this band puts out.  I almost feel like I am at a party in London on a rainy night. Not a care in the world.  Not quite depressing, but defiantly melancholy, a fantastic, amazing, melancholy!

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5th November 2011

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17th August 2011


Tallest Man on Earth “Graceland”, Live at Paste!!!!!!

Enjoy all, because I have thoroughly enjoyed this… many times.

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27th July 2011

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12th July 2011

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Check out my soundcloud!

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12th July 2011

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This looks amazing.

This looks amazing.

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